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How To Help An ADD Child Succeed in Life
By Rick Pierce, The Hyperactive Teacher
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A.D.D. Explained

What is ADD, Symptoms Chart, Two Types of ADD, Three Criteria, Who's To Blame, ADD vs. Psuedo ADD chartADD vs. Psuedo ADD, "Disease du jour", Getting a diagnosis, We All Have Value

How ADD Works

The BrainA Practical Example (not ADD), A Practical Example Revisited (ADD), The 4 Examples,The 4 Can'ts, Going Home, Raise Your Hand, The Dreaded Book Report, Where's Your Homework, Reduce Change-Reduce Behavior

Balancing the Brain

Balancing the Brain, Stimulation, Stimulation Chart, Diet, Exercise, Excitement, Confrontation, Drugs, Back to Ritalin, Self Medication, Reduce Brain Activity, Increase Energy, Taking Advantage of  Stimulation

Coping Skills

Success Does Not Happen Overnight, Cruise Control, RIMS system, RIMS Chart, Routine, Incremental, Monitoring, Structure, Separate the Thinking from the Doing, Plan, Do and Review, Repeat What Works, Train and Not Teach, Move From External to Internal Motivation, Accentuate the positive

Applying RIMS to Stuff

Applying RIMS, Homework-5 Separate Tasks, Assignment Made, Dismissal, Do Homework, Finish Homework, Hand in Homework, Other Notes on Homework, A Bedroom Story, Stuff RIMS Chart, Other Thoughts on Stuff

Applying RIMS to Behavior

Behavior, Preventing Distractions, Correcting Distractedness, Preventing Impulsivity, Correcting Impulsivity, Preventing Negative Coping, Correcting Negative Coping, Preventing Deliberate Behavior, We All Have Value, It's not Fair!, Correcting Deliberate Behavior, More RIMS Charts

Apply RIMS Together

Apply RIMS Together, Parent Training, Keeping Parents Informed, Supporting the Teacher, Accomodations, Book Summary, Conclusion, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, About the Author

Hyper Helps

Local Resources, Related Organizations, Alternatives, Vendors, HyperHints For Parents, HyperHints For Teachers, HyperHints For ADDults


Sobering Statistics,

Success Stories

A List, Thomas Edison


Ten Things to Do with a Pencil if You are ADD, Psychiatric Hotline

My Story/Your Story

As a child, Failure Beyond Graduation,
Your Stories, My Mission

The Law/Advocacy

Articles by Rick Pierce

A Bedroom Story, Oh No, School Again!, Yes, There is Hope, They Just Do, Exercising Control
7 Hints for the Hyper Holidays

Training Information

Hire the Hyperactive TeacherMarketing One Sheet,  Scope and PurposeBook Summary

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