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Rick Pierce, The Hyperactive Teacher.  is a regular ed teacher with ADHD.  Treat your teachers to an entertaining and highly practical keynote or inservice

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from those who have read
"How to Help an ADD Child Succeed in Life"

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Dear Mr. Pierce
Thanks for the newsletter.  I am the owner of your book and consider it the
homeowners Bible for parents of ADD children. I wish society had this
awareness when I was growing up as I'm sure I have ADD.

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Dear Rick,
    I can't thank you enough for posting your book, The Hyperactive Teacher, online.  Later today, I meet with my son's "team" to discuss and implement plans for helping him. I found your site through a link on Bob Seay's ADD site on the Mining Co.  I started reading & kept reading. 
    Your RIMS approach is exactly what I am requesting today, plus much more.  It's all there. I printed out about half the book and plan to bring it with me.  I would like to make a copy of the outline and "Applying RIMS Together."  This is the 2nd most valuable
tool  I'll have available.  (I'm the 1st valuable tool my son has.)
    I will be ordering your book by mail.  I feel as though I'm going into battle today.  In many ways I am.  My son needs help and I can't do it alone.
    Thank you for writing "The Hyperactive Teacher".  It will be my #1 resource manual.  You've made the list, given the instructions; all I need to do is follow them down the list.  Thank you again.  I'll let you know how we do.

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    Thank you so much for reminding me that your excellent site was already bookmarked!  I am a recently diagnosed ADDult with two boys who both appear to have ADD and one LD.
    I am one of the ones who cannot pay for your book at this time; I have
just shelved the expensive LD consultant because we just can't seem to
go forward at the speed she wants us to.
    So I want to at least say THANK YOU.  You have helped a lot, esp. after yesterday's Halloween episode where my oldest (9) almost set the house on fire because he didn't think...
Regards,  Y.

Mr. Pierce,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have read some of your book online and am ordering 3. One for me, and one for each of my children's teacher.  Both my husband and I are ADD, my 7 year old is ADD
and my 5 year old is ADHD.  Would you like to come live with us?    Ha! Ha!
    Your book and the article that you wrote for Brandi's Newsletter(ADDed Attractions) is wonderful.  I can't wait to finish the book. I too was told I was just lazy and it became a great excuse.  My husband was diagnosed ADHD at an early age and was fortunate enough to live in Washington DC where they had doctors that new how to treat it.  However his mother was told that he would grow out of it. SURPRISE!!!!!!! He hasn't.
    Thank you again. 

      I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to this subject.  You have certainly explained all of my own problems going through school let alone my sons.  I am taking advantage of downloading your book at this time because I am really short on funds right now.  I cannot believe that in today's age of money someone is willing to give it away for free.  Thank you and please know that many will appreciate this let alone benefit from this.  I will be sending the money to buy the book as soon as I am able but I cannot tell you how much this means to me to be able to access the information now. 

Dear Rick,

    About 6 months ago while visiting my aunt in Elk Grove I wandered into The Report Card and onto
your book.  I bought it, like I seem to do with every ADD book I see, and read it on the plane back
to San Diego.  What a great book for an ADD person to read.  Lots of visuals, writing broken up
into small pieces, just the key information included!  I was thrilled with this terrific resource I
had found.  Two months later when I was in the area again I bought three more copies.  I can't wait
to come back up there again next week to buy even more.  (Yes I know I could order them but that
whole issue of filling out the form, writing the check, addressing the envelope, getting a stamp
and getting to the mailbox is too much trouble!)  I have given them to teachers at my school when I
do inservices on ADD and have passed them along to parents.  Last year my ADD students even read it
and enjoyed it!  I really feel that it is the book I would have written if I had ever gotten
focused enough to do it.  It says what I think is important for those we hope to educate without
overwhelming them with too much information.  So I just wanted to take this chance to let you know
how much I am using your book and advertising for you!  :-)  Keep up the great work.  Us ADD
teachers need to keep educating our colleagues and parents.  I feel that Psychologists and
Psychiatrists often overwhelm and don't understand what these teachers and parents are facing day
in and day out so it's left to us to give them hope! 

Best of Luck with this endeavor,