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    Eventhough thousands of sites deal with ADD/ADHD, few provide the basic information needed to understand the condition and fewer still give the important principles necessary to work successfully with these children.  Yet more and more people come to the web to find information. 
    I used to sell my book from my website, but have come to the following conclusions.
    1.  People need the information immediately.
    2.  Not everyone can afford it.
    3.  ADD people get sidetracked before printing out the form or writing the check.
    4.  Parents and teachers want a place where they can get information to educate others or refer them so others can learn for themselves.
    5.  Many want to know the value of the information before paying for it.
    Therefore, I am making my book, "How to Help an ADD Child Succeed in Life" freely available on the net, hoping that you who find the information valuable and can afford to will send whatever you feel is fair to:

The Hyperactive Teacher
P.O. Box 2460
Elk Grove, CA 95759-2460

If you cannot afford it, consider this as my gift to you.

I have read the statement and would like to go to the book.

Please, when linking to my book or giving out my website address, do not bypass this message. 

You may still order the book for $15 or purchase my tape for $5.00.

It is my hope that you will use this information to learn more about how to successfully work with ADD children and/or share it with teachers, parents or other to help them understand Attention Deficit people