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How to Help an ADD Child Succeed in Life - The book
A practical, first-hand look at ADD/ADHD with insightful perspectives on the disorder and a simple, but effective approach to training the ADD child for a lifetime of success.

$15 each

How to Help an ADD Child Succeed in Life - The tape

A 60 minute tape designed to quickly educate teachers, parents, foster parents, sunday school teachers, coaches, etc. how to help an ADD child. Parents can use this tape to help teachers better understand and work with their ADD student

$5 each or 3 for $10

TARGET EDITING by Linda B. Vanderwold

Target Editing presents a revolutionary but easy approach to writing and revising so your documents convey energy and control.  This short guide teaches the simple VanWrite editing method that enables you to produce clear, concise documents every time you write.  Linda shows you how to assign a highlighter color to each concept, enabling busy professionals to edit quickly and effectively. 

Rick's note: I have found an incredibly simple and effective book for learning to write better.  "Target Editing" by Linda B.Vanderwold.  ADD adults, high school and college students will find this revolutionary method perfect.

Because it:
1.  Demonstrates how to revise any writing to make it much better.
2.  Does not require a deep understanding of grammar.
3.  Has only 145 pages which focus on only the most critical writing
4.  Uses a color coded system for simplicity.
5.  Provides examples and practices for reinforcement