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Rick Pierce, The Hyperactive Teacher.  is a regular ed teacher with ADHD.  Treat your teachers to an entertaining and highly practical keynote or inservice

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7 Hints for the Hyper Holidays

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A Bedroom Story

Have you ever been in the position that this one mother found herself?  She asked her daughter to go downstairs and clean her room.  Yet two hours later the room was still not clean. continue

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Do you ever wonder why ADD people act  the way they do?  or  How a
distraction issue can lead to unwanted behavior? continue

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Exercising Control

Often when ADD people are forced to think fast on their feet, make multiple decisions or are backed into a corner, they will try to self medicate through confrontation.  By causing a situation to escalate, they are boosting their adrenaline in an attempt to gain control.  It is common for ADD children to push buttons and create classroom disturbances in order to gain a sense of control and stability.  This can get them into much trouble and can become a self-destructive coping technique.  Soft, controlled responses and time outs work well to de-escalate when they are becoming confrontational.  continue

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Oh No, School Again

(This article was originally published by Brandi Valentine's Newsletter "ADDed Attractions"  August 15, 1997.  You may subscribe here.)

        Oh no, school is about to begin, again! This annual ritual can be both exciting and frustrating for both the A.D.D. child and parent. It is another chance at a fresh start with hope of success, but often this excitement can quickly become disappointment when failure or behavior issues rear their ugly heads. The question becomes what can be done to improve the chances of a successful beginning? To answer this question, let's consider the three Be's: Before, begin, and be ready.    continue

Yes, There is Hope

(This article was originally published by Brandi Valentine's newsletter "ADDed Attractions"  August 1, 1997.  You may subscribe here.)
      Those of us with Attention Deficit get tired of all the negatives.  We can't concentrate, we can't sit still, we lose things, we don't follow-through, we can't behave...........  continue