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Rick Pierce, The Hyperactive Teacher.  is a regular ed teacher with ADHD.  Treat your teachers to an entertaining and highly practical keynote or inservice

Rick Pierce is

        I don't believe in can't.  Just because we have difficulty in school, it doesn't mean that we won't excel in life.  My dad once told me that not everyone can be rich, the world needs ditch diggers and garbage men as well, revealing his beliefs about my future.
        But consider Thomas Edison:
        As a child Thomas Edison was always asking questions and getting into trouble.  One time, Tom read that balloons floated when filled with gas.  He then reasoned that if he filled his younger cousin with gas that he would float.  Tom gave his cousin several Alka-seltzer-like laxatives, expecting the boy to float.  Needless to say, he didn't float.  He almost died.
        His mom could not wait to send him to school, so that he could bug someone else, and she could have some peace and quiet.
        Her peace and quiet did not last long.  After three month of tormenting his schoolmaster with his incessant questions, Tom overheard his schoolmaster tell someone from the district that Tom was addled (confused).
        Tom was heartbroken.
        Tom's mom was furious.
        She pulled him out of school determined to train him herself.  She resorted to innovating hands-on teaching methods at a time when such things were never done.
        This addled, mischievous young man would later become one of our country's greatest inventors.  He invented the light bulb, movie projector, phonograph, ditto machine, carbonized speaker and many other useful items that have change the face of the nation and the world.
        What made the difference?  His mother never allowed Tom's failures get in the way of his drive to succeed.
        I encourage all parents and teachers, never allow day to


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day frustrations and current failures get in the way of your belief in your children.  Do not let them give up on success!
        Rick Pierce is the author of "How to Help an A.D.D. Child Succeed in Life"
.He also speaks and does training for parent groups, teacher groups, and  schools.  Contact hime at hyper@ns.net for more information about book or training programs.

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